Profession, Quality, Service

For nearly 20 years, Hwa Shu has been developing and manufacturing IC Tray, Tape and Reel needed by semiconductor packaging and testing industry, with main customers all being large global semiconductor packaging and testing manufactures. IC tray, Tape and Reel and other products are mainly used to carry, protect, and transport IC or electronic components, and to enable their accurate smooth operation on related equipment. In particular, for IC Tray, it must to ensure against deformation in the process of high-temperature backing with IC. Thus, from the beginning of product and mold design, all go through comprehensive consideration and simulation as well as precise control, so that we ensure the product quality reaches customers’ requirements.


product-home-2Product Diversification

With the most extensive experience of product design and manufacturing, Hwa Shu provides customers complete portfolio of products and services. We already have thousands sets of molds in IC Tray, Chip Tray, and Embossed Carrier Tape. To satisfy new product demands of customers, we continue developing new designs and new molds each year to meet wide range of customers’ package types or new specification requirements.


product-home-3Customer orientation; Vertical integration

With significant increase in demand for mobile communication in recent years, customers require more diversification and more CSP, smaller packaging, higher product precision and operation stability, and the schedule of project development becomes shorter. Through the integration of product design, standardization of mold design and manufacturing and high-speed precision CNC machining and production, new product development schedule is shortened to meet customers requirement of quality and delivery.